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Bridal & Postpartum Underbust

Bridal & Postpartum Underbust

USD $ 257

  • HKD: $ 2,005
  • RMB: ¥ 1,688
  • GBP: £ 190
  • EUR: € 319
  • CAD: $ 314
  • SGD: $ 344
  • MYR: RM 1,077
  • IDR: Rp 3,462,561

The perfect married life corset; lose weight before the wedding, cinch your waist on your wedding day, have too much fun on your honeymoon… and then return to your pre-baby waist! All with more comfort and better fit than other fabric options.

  • For weight loss, wear slightly loose every day – under or over clothing.
  • For brides, wear daily for 8 weeks prior to wedding.
  • For postpartum use, start training 6-8weeks AFTER birth date or when it’s comfortable to do so.

This breathable summer corset and waist training corset is ideal for everyday wear.
Wearable from day one – minimal seasoning required due to softer mesh fabric.
Perfect for beginners and those new to corseting, this versatile flexible steel boned corset can be used for daily waist training, or simply to glam up an outfit.

Not suitable for tightlacing. Mesh seams will tear if laced too tightly.
CURVE STYLE : Great for straighter figures and average length torsos. ​

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